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How to Get a
Medical Marijuana
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Select an appointment time.

Get appointment time for MMJ Card Virginia


Complete some forms.

Complete your form for MMJ Card


Talk with a doctor by secure telehealth.

Secure telehealth for MMJ Patients

That's It.

At ReThink-Rx, we send your medical certificate immediately by email. You can start purchasing products at dispensaries with no waiting.

Do I Really Need a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

YES. The only place to legally purchase marijuana in Virginia is at state-authorized dispensaries. Since dispensaries are medical-only, you need a Virginia medical card. You cannot use cards from other states. Purchasing cannabis anywhere else in Virginia is still illegal.

Also, the legal protections of being an MMJ patient only apply if you have a card.

Who Can Get a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?


There are some requirements you must meet in order to qualify as a medical marijuana patient in Virginia. Fortunately, these requirements are fairly straightforward. Click the button for details.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Certificate in Virginia?


You may still be wondering: How can I get a medical marijuana card in Virginia?

It’s simple. Just follow these steps to get started. 1) choose an appointment, 2) complete some forms, 3) chat with a ReThink-Rx doctor. You can use your phone or computer for every step.

  1. To schedule your medical card evaluation using your phone, simply select the appointment date and time that works best for you. We offer same-day appointments if you want to get this done quickly. We collect your payment when you request your appointment. 
  2. To complete the medical forms we send, just click on the link and enter your date of birth. When the forms open on your phone, fill in the required information. Simply upload any necessary documentation, such as your government-issued photo ID, by photographing it. Then, submit the forms back to us by clicking on “Submit”.
  3. Then, connecting for your telehealth doctor visit is easy. A few minutes before your appointment time, simply click on the link we send and enter your date of birth. The link will open and invite you to join. The video chat is encrypted for your privacy but is just as easy as a Facetime call.

During the appointment, the specialist will discuss your medical condition and review your forms with you. They will offer you educational materials and explain the process of starting at the dispensaries. 

You will receive your medical marijuana card during your visit by email, and can immediately start using it at any state-authorized dispensary. It’s that simple!

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Eric Mann
Eric Mann
February 16, 2024.
Thank you Dr. Marsh, I'm very hopeful my quality of life will improve because of you!!!
Nikki Lopez (The Holy Glosspel LLC)
Nikki Lopez (The Holy Glosspel LLC)
February 16, 2024.
Dr. Marsh was thorough in his evaluation and provided knowledge and expertise during my appointment. Extremely professional and amazing individual to speak with. Thank you!
LaToya Jackson
LaToya Jackson
February 2, 2024.
Very easy process with very professional medical staff.
William Fauntleroy
William Fauntleroy
January 19, 2024.
Professional, confidential, efficient process and nice people. Thank You
Zach Truman
Zach Truman
December 30, 2023.
Great service
Charles Thornton
Charles Thornton
December 4, 2023.
Dr. very professional and actually listen to my concerns. Top notch
Sherry Rimel
Sherry Rimel
December 1, 2023.
Dr. Marsh is a very professional and personable therapist. His knowledge is extensive and he relates to me in a manner that allows me to feel comfortable in speaking with him about my health and cognitive issues.