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How to Get a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card Online in 2023

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Virginia?

Virginia legalized medical marijuana and began selling it in July of 2020. Eligible patients simply need to be evaluated by a registered cannabis physician and receive a Certificate for the Use of Cannabis Products. Our physician specialists will answer your questions, provide detailed information about how cannabis may help you, provide information about the state dispensaries, and send you your MMJ certificate. With your certificate, you can enter any state dispensary immediately and start your therapy.

Although Virginia relaxed its laws on marijuana possession, use, and home cultivation in 2021, the only way to legally purchase marijuana products is at a state dispensary, which requires a medical evaluation and certification.

What Are the Marijuana Laws in Virginia?

In the ever-evolving landscape of marijuana legislation, Virginia has embarked on a transformative journey, embracing progressive changes to its cannabis laws. While the Old Dominion State has not yet fully embraced recreational marijuana, it has taken strides towards decriminalization. Possession and private cultivation of limited amounts of marijuana have been downgraded to civil offenses, sparing individuals from the burdensome weight of criminal charges. However, public consumption and sales remain firmly illegal, aiming to maintain order and protect public safety.

On the medical front, Virginia has demonstrated its commitment to compassionate care. The state permits the use of medical marijuana for qualifying patients, but not without proper certification. Patients must secure validation from registered healthcare providers to access the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Licensed dispensaries stand as gatekeepers, facilitating the distribution of medical cannabis products to eligible patients.

As with any legislative domain, it is crucial to stay abreast of the latest developments, for marijuana laws can undergo transformative shifts. Consequently, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of Virginia’s marijuana regulations, it is advisable to consult the most up-to-date legislation and guidelines.

How to Choose a Cannabis Strain

What is a VA Medical Marijuana Card?

The certificate issued by ReThink-Rx is now considered your “MMJ card”. This Virginia medical marijuana card is a license to obtain and possess marijuana to treat a qualifying medical condition. Patients can use the card at any of Virginia’s licensed dispensaries to obtain marijuana. The card allows patients to possess a 90-day supply of medical cannabis products or up to four ounces of botanical cannabis per 30 days.

The card must be renewed annually. Patients with a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana as well as their guardians are eligible for cards.

What Information and Forms are Required for a Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia?

ReThink-Rx will send you everything you need. Once you have scheduled your appointment, we will send you some Intake Forms where you will provide information such as address and medical history. These forms can be easily completed on your phone or computer. We usually do not need additional information or records. But if we do, we will let you know. 

We do need your Driver’s license or state ID number, to confirm your identity and for your certificate. You will need a current Virginia address for your certificate.

Are Hemp THC and Delta-8 Legal and Safe in Virginia?

Laws are changing fast in Virginia. Recently signed by the Governor, new legislation now prohibits the sale of synthetic THC products like Delta-8 and delta-10. Additionally, the governor has taken steps to halt the plans for recreational marijuana sales originally planned to begin in 2023.

When these newest laws take effect in July 2023, the sale of synthetic THC products and the majority of Hemp-derived products will end. Hemp dispensaries will be effectively shut down, and no longer will vape shops and others sell synthetic THC. The sale of cannabis between individuals remains illegal and recreational sales at state-authorized dispensaries will not happen. 

In the state of Virginia, access to marijuana treatment will now be limited to only those with a qualifying condition and an official MMJ certificate. ReThink-Rx is positioned to help you. With a certification from us, you will still be able to access the state dispensaries and obtain the safe, medical-grade cannabis products you are familiar with. That supply can include CBD and THC products such as creams, gels, edibles, tinctures, and cannabis oil.

Having your MMJ certificate from ReThink-Rx may offer other important advantages too. Certified patients may be; protected in the workplace against discrimination, discipline, or termination based on drug screening or their status as a patient; exempt from court-ordered drug testing, such as per probation or parole requirements; protected from prosecution for possession/use when under the age of 21.  There are some important exceptions to these protections, and laws are constantly changing. So talk to your attorney about any questions regarding your rights and protection.

What Information and Forms are Required for a Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia?

ReThink-Rx will send you everything you need. Once you have scheduled your appointment, we will send you some Intake Forms where you will provide information such as address and medical history. These forms can be easily completed on your phone or computer. We usually do not need additional information or records. But if we do, we will let you know. 

We do need your Driver’s license or state ID number, to confirm your identity and for your certificate. You will need a current Virginia address for your certificate.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in VA?

We believe in the legitimate medical applications for medical marijuana and are committed to providing the highest quality care in an easy and affordable format.

Our physicians are highly trained and experienced specialists, all registered with the Virginia Board of Health Professions to issue written certifications for medical cannabis use.

Our staff is caring and supportive. Our process is easy, safe and private.

Questions? Call or Text: 571-479-8238


Best Place in Virginia for Medical Marijuana Certification?

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Brooke Campbell
Brooke Campbell
April 15, 2023.
Dr. Marsh was very professional and personable with me. I appreciate him and his staff. Great experience.
Tony Hurd
Tony Hurd
April 14, 2023.
I had a great experience. He went above and beyond!! I would highly recommend him!! I messed up and he didn't get mad and helped me get through it. Highly recommended!!
Melanie Rodriguez
Melanie Rodriguez
April 6, 2023.
They made the process seamless, and were professional and punctual. Highly recommend.😏
Gary Hua
Gary Hua
April 6, 2023.
Dr Mike was super helpful and easy to talk to when it came to getting medicated and the whole process of purchasing at a dispensary! He also gave me a run down on Virginia laws and employment laws that I am Protected from. The whole process was super quick and painless; I would highly recommend!
L. C.
L. C.
April 3, 2023.
Great experience.
Annette Jarrell
Annette Jarrell
March 25, 2023.
Answers to all my questions, very patient and kind.
March 25, 2023.
I am so thankful to have found this amazing resource. I felt very listened to and understood and was even given follow up resources to help me learn more about this healing process. Thank you Dr. Marsh.
Support TheResistance
Support TheResistance
March 3, 2023.
Yep, they're legit, Dr. Marsh was a pleasure to speak with, I highly recommend these guys.... Thank you!!!
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The application process with ReThink-Rx is well-established and straightforward. Once approved, Virginians and their approved caregivers can obtain medical marijuana from any of the state’s dispensaries immediately.

Thanks to new Virginia legislation, you can obtain an MMJ certificate directly from ReThink-Rx. When one of our certified medical marijuana doctors confirms that you’re qualified for medical marijuana treatment, we will issue you an MMJ certificate on the same day you visit us. That way, you won’t have to wait for weeks after submitting your application to learn about whether you’ve been approved for a card from the state government.

If you opt to apply for a certificate through ReThink-Rx, you can begin purchasing medical marijuana products right away.

Research supporting the clinical value of medical marijuana continues to accumulate as the drug’s accessibility improves across the United States. Today, patients in Virginia with certain medical conditions are eligible for medical marijuana cards that allow them to purchase marijuana, CBD, cannabis oil, creams, tinctures, and more at cannabis dispensaries.

Medical marijuana can significantly improve patients’ quality of life and ability to complete day-to-day activities. Obtaining a card requires evaluation by a medical marijuana doctor licensed to practice in Virginia.

Read on to learn more about how to get a medical marijuana card in VA.

What are the Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana Certification in VA?

Providers can issue a written certification for medical marijuana for any patient with a medical condition that they believe can be managed with cannabis.

Individuals with medical conditions that alter their ability to function or reduce their quality of life should book an appointment with a registered provider to discuss their symptoms. Providers can then determine medical marijuana’s treatment value for their specific condition(s).

Doctors often recommend medical marijuana to manage the following conditions:


Best Medical Marijuana Doctors in VA?

Best Cannabis Doctor Near Me

Medical marijuana is a transformative treatment for patients with chronic and intractable conditions. The evidence for cannabis’ medical value is ample and continues to grow as more research is conducted. The certified professionals at ReThink-Rx are uniquely qualified to evaluate and advise you about medical marijuana treatment. We take a holistic approach and take into account your wellness goals when crafting your treatment plan. We always prioritize our patients’ comfort and dignity alongside their health.

In the expansive realm of online medical cannabis certification services, ReThink-Rx emerges as the pinnacle of excellence, providing an unrivaled experience for Virginians seeking convenient and reliable access to medical marijuana. With its commitment to professionalism and innovation, ReThink-Rx stands out as the best choice for those navigating the complexities of Virginia’s medical cannabis landscape.

First and foremost, ReThink-Rx boasts a team of esteemed healthcare professionals who specialize in medical cannabis evaluation. These experts possess a deep understanding of Virginia’s medical marijuana program, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive and accurate assessments for certification. With their vast knowledge and experience, ReThink-Rx’s healthcare providers offer personalized care, taking into account individual medical histories and conditions.

What sets ReThink-Rx apart is its seamless online platform. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, ReThink-Rx streamlines the certification process, eliminating the need for in-person visits. This convenience is particularly valuable for patients with mobility constraints or those residing in remote areas. The user-friendly interface facilitates a hassle-free experience, enabling individuals to complete the certification process from the comfort of their own homes.

Moreover, ReThink-Rx prioritizes patient privacy and data security. Implementing state-of-the-art encryption protocols and stringent privacy measures, they ensure the utmost confidentiality of sensitive information. Patients can confidently share their medical history and discuss their conditions, knowing that their data is safeguarded.

ReThink-Rx’s commitment to excellence extends beyond certification. They provide ongoing support and education to patients, equipping them with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their medical cannabis journey. Their comprehensive resources, including educational materials and access to a network of cannabis experts, empower patients to navigate Virginia’s medical marijuana program with confidence.

In the realm of online medical cannabis certification, ReThink-Rx reigns supreme in Virginia. Combining expertise, convenience, privacy, and ongoing support, they offer a holistic solution for patients seeking access to the benefits of medical marijuana. By choosing ReThink-Rx, Virginians can embark on their medical cannabis journey with assurance, knowing they have made the best choice for their healthcare needs.

At ReThink-Rx, we take pride in ensuring that Virginia medical cannabis is available to all those who stand to benefit from it. Our visits are the most affordable in Virginia at $99, and we only bill our patients if they qualify and receive a medical marijuana certification.

Virginia Marijuana Card Frequently Asked Questions

Only your ReThink-Rx™ doctor can make the decision whether this treatment is a good choice for you. But our physicians are committed to considering all diagnoses, and providing you access for the reasons you think may help you. With a wide variety of appropriate indications, we are proud of our 99% approval rate.

Yes. Virginia permits marijuana possession and could soon legalize the sale of recreational marijuana, but the only way to legally obtain cannabis in VA is with a medical cannabis certification.

Most doctors still can’t/won’t write certifications. In fact, 9 out of 10 doctors feel they are not  adequately educated to discuss medical marijuana with their patients. So, lacking any formal education or experience in cannabis medicine and worried about legal entanglement with authorities, most physicians steer clear of cannabis. To be qualified, a physician must also be registered with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy, and not many doctors hold this credential.

This is where ReThink-Rx™ comes in. Our doctors are experienced cannabis clinicians, focused entirely on evaluating and certifying patients for cannabis therapy, all registered with the Virginia Department of Health Professions to do so.

Yes. Virginia recognizes that chronic pain, regardless of the cause, can be successfully managed with medical marijuana. Discuss the nature and cause(s) of your pain with your provider to determine if the use of cannabis is a viable treatment option for you.

YES. Marijuana possession is legal for those over 21 in Virginia, but there is still no legal way to purchase without a medical card. For those under 21, possession and consumption remains illegal unless you have a medical card. If you’re worried about drug screening at your workplace, a medical card now also provides employment protections against discrimination, discipline or termination. DON’T RISK YOUR CAREER OR A CONVICTION. GET YOUR CARD TODAY!

YES. To be protected under the Virginia Medical Marijuana Act you must purchase from a Virginia dispensary. Purchasing or selling elsewhere remains illegal. With your medical card, you can visit any state-authorized dispensary and legally purchase safe, high-quality cannabis products.

ReThink-RX provides our services to those over the age of 18.

Parents and legal guardians of minors and incapacitated adults may register as caregivers under the VA medical marijuana program. This allows them to legally obtain and possess marijuana for the medical marijuana patients under their care.

Caregivers must obtain a written certification from a registered provider and complete the same application as the patients do. They will then receive a separate medical marijuana card. Both the patient and caregiver need to be registered with the BOP.

Your ReThink-Rx medical marijuana doctor visit typically takes less than 15 minutes. At ReThink-Rx you will obtain your card immediately by secure email so that you can start purchasing medical marijuana products from dispensaries right away. 

We are the lowest-priced cannabis physicians in the state. Just $99 for an initial evaluation, and $99 for renewals. Insurance providers do not currently cover the cost of MMJ cards or related doctor visits. If you would like to register with the state, they will charge you and additional $50, but this step is no longer a requirement.

Your privacy is our top priority. Our electronic medical record, doctor visit and email are fully HIPAA-compliant. We will not share any of your contact information or personal health information with any third party, unless required by law.

As of July 1, 2021, according to VA marijuana laws, adults over 21 years old can legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana. Individuals without a medical marijuana card will not be able to purchase cannabis until 2023.

The state of Virginia’s cannabis legalization statutes allow adults over 21 to cultivate up to four marijuana plants per household. Adults may share up to one ounce of cannabis in a private residence if there is no payment exchanged between parties.

ReThink-Rx™ is proud to be the lowest-priced cannabis physician practice in Virginia! We charge only $99 for your doctor visit and cannabis certification. The fee is 100% risk-free- your money back if not approved. 

Our evaluations and care are provided exclusively by Board-certified Anesthesiologists. We do not delegate your medical care to less-qualified nurse practitioners (NP) or physician assistants (PA). Instead, our doctors focus on understanding your personal health and wellness goals and helping you obtain the relief you deserve. Our process is easy and our staff cares personally about each patient.

The doctor visits are efficient and focused. The usual visit takes less than 10 minutes and your MMJ card is sent to you instantly.

Convenience. ReThink-Rx™ takes excellent medical care to the next level! Your doctor visit and certification are done entirely on your phone, tablet or computer. Once approved, you will instantly receive your downloadable certificate. For those preferring in-person evaluations, we can arrange to meet your ReThink-Rx™ doctor at our Leesburg location.

At this time, insurance and Medicaid will not cover the cost of your card or medical product. This is due to the Federal prohibition of cannabis by the Controlled Substances Act. We hope that cannabis will soon be removed from this Act and that patients will be able to get the financial assistance they need to access this important therapy. Meanwhile, ReThink-Rx has positioned our pricing to make it affordable for those of lesser means.