Virginia Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

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Virginia Medical Marijuana Card Qualifying Conditions

In order to qualify for a Virginia medical marijuana card, a medical marijuana doctor must diagnose you with at least one of the state’s designated qualifying conditions. Those conditions are:

Certified Virginia doctors can recommend medical marijuana for any patient as long as they believe medical cannabis could improve that patient’s quality of life. Patients don’t necessarily have to suffer from one of the aforementioned conditions, but most who qualify do.

Virginia Medical Marijuanas Card Requirements

The requirements for obtaining a medical marijuana card in Virginia are as follows:

  1. You must have a current Virginia address and have a valid government-issued ID or driver’s license.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old.
  3. You must have a written certification from a licensed physician in Virginia stating that you suffer from a debilitating medical condition and that the use of medical marijuana is likely to alleviate your symptoms.
What is a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card
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Caroline Ault
Caroline Ault
November 19, 2022.
Fast easy and convenient support and help. It was a genuine pleasure speaking with Dr. Marsh.
Jimbo's semi-customs
Jimbo's semi-customs
November 19, 2022.
Dr. Marsh was truly amazing! Just a joy to talk to and answered all the questions I had since I am new to this. Also wants me to keep in contact to let him know how I'm doing. Highly recommend!! A++++++
Natasha Merrix
Natasha Merrix
November 7, 2022.
I have been suffering with debilitating headaches and chronic back pain for the past 20 years! The headaches have been the past 6 years! I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation and I have had 2 Brian surgeries that has not been successful to relieve the pain! Not to mention my back where I had a failed back surgery 14 years ago…anyways I have done the whole narcotics thing , physical therapy and so much more and nothing has worked for my pain and to give me relief! So I started doing research on medical marijuana and found ReThink RX and scheduled an appt! I literally got the appt for the next morning! I spoke with Dr. Marsh and he was so nice and professional and made me feel at ease! He gave me a lot of great Information and approved me for my medical card! He said if I ever needed to talk to them or had any questions to give them a call! Wonderful service and I highly recommend!
Randy Stewart
Randy Stewart
October 24, 2022.
Dr. Marsh began our visit right on time. He had reviewed my medical information prior to visit and was very knowledgeable about my specific symptoms and needs. Dr. Marsh provided education and accompanying articles re: my medical conditions and the use of cannabis in alleviating them. He shared information re: accessing local dispensary. Great visit and Dr. Marsh is available to answer any questions I have re: medical marijuana for this next year. Thanks!
Emma Montague
Emma Montague
October 22, 2022.
To say I don't write reviews would be an understatement- I had to make a Yelp account just to write this! But I am so grateful for and very happily surprised with the care I was provided during my telehealth appointment with Dr. Marsh, I felt I should share my experience with other people who may be in need of his services. I was expecting a 5 min intake call with quick certificate to follow, and being left with the responsibility/need to do my own research, make my own determinations, essentially play a guessing game with how to best address my symptoms. That was not the case at all. On his own time on his weekend, Dr. Marsh not only answered any and all questions I had, but he took the time to really listen to my current diagnoses, symptoms and concerns. He gave me medical insight not only on the type of products which would likely be of best benefit, but went a step further to provide me with additional information and resources to provide insight into my current conditions. Moreso, Dr. Marsh made sure I knew that I could reach out at any time again in the future with no additional charge, and even suggested we do another check in soon to see how I was progressing. He even referred to his patients as part of the family- out of the team of doctors I currently see for my condition (11 total, unfortunately), he is/was by far the most personable, attentive, and insightful. He clearly has a passion for helping people feel better and achieve a higher quality of life. I was not expecting that level of care, concern and professionalism! A huge thank you to Dr. Marsh; I highly recommend him!
R. Roles
R. Roles
October 19, 2022.
Easy and friendly

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been shown to provide a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Pain relief
  • Nausea relief
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Anxiety alleviation
  • Improved sleep quality

If you think you may benefit from medical marijuana, talk to a registered practitioner. They will be able to determine if you qualify for a medical marijuana card in Virginia.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia

If you currently live in Virginia and would like to apply for a medical marijuana card, follow these steps:

  1. Make an appointment with ReThink-Rx.
  2. Complete a few simple intake forms on your phone or computer.
  3. Meet you ReThink-Rx for a secure, private Telehealth visit (we will send you a link- no download is needed).
  4. Instantly get your MMJ card by secure email.

Virginia Medical Marijuana Card Cost

The cost of your ReThink-Rx MMJ certificate is $99, the lowest price in the state! 

You are no longer required to register with the state Board of Pharmacy. It is still an option if want to, however. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions and assistance if needed. The registration fee to the Virginia Board of Pharmacy is $50. 

Virginia Medical Marijuana Laws

In the state of Virginia, medical marijuana treatment is exclusive to those with a diagnosed condition and an official MMJ card. Medical marijuana cards allow patients to purchase and possess up to a 90-day supply of medical marijuana products from state-licensed dispensaries. That supply can include CBD and THC products such as creams, gels, edibles, tinctures, and cannabis oil.

Patients with cards can only consume medical cannabis products within private residences–never public spaces. The use of cannabis is illegal at your place of work unless your employer specifically permits it. In most cases, you won’t have legal protection in the workplace.

Patients and caregivers can grow up to four cannabis plants of their own as long as the plants remain inside public residences and cannot be seen from the street.

How to Find Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

To find a cannabis dispensary in Virginia, you can visit the website for the Virginia Department of Health. There, you can search for dispensaries near you. Alternatively, you can ask your certified physician for a recommendation. Finally, you can also check other online directories.

Virginia Medical Marijuana FAQs

Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, which means it’s illegal to transport medical marijuana across state lines.

Yes–there are some states that allow patients with Virginia medical marijuana cards to purchase medical marijuana products from their dispensaries. Currently, Washington D.C. is the only territory that allows Virginians to do so without any exceptions. The following states also offer reciprocity, though there are some exceptions:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Maine
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

Since there are exceptions to those states’ reciprocity laws, make sure you do your research before trying to purchase medical marijuana in those states with your Virginia MMJ card.

No, you cannot use a medical card from another state to purchase medical marijuana in Virginia. The state of Virginia does not currently have any reciprocity agreements with other states. Other states, however, may accept a Virginia certificate to allow access to their medical marijuana facilities. 

Some insurance companies may cover the cost of a Virginia medical marijuana card, but it is not required by law. Patients should check with their insurance providers to see if they offer coverage for medical marijuana cards before applying for one. If your provider won’t cover the cost of your card, you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for it.

Employers are not required to accommodate the use of medical marijuana in the workplace. So yes–you can get fired for consuming medical marijuana products at work, even if you obtained them legally. There are specific protections, however, against being terminated, disciplined or discriminated against as a result of an employment drug screen.

Caregivers purchase and possess medical marijuana products for medical marijuana patients who cannot do so on their own. Caregivers are often qualifying patients’ legal guardians.

If you’re interested in becoming a caregiver for a Virginia medical marijuana patient, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, caregivers must be at least 18 years old and must have not been convicted of a felony within the past five years. They must also be certified by a registered cannabis physician.

To register as a caregiver, you must meet with a ReThink-Rx doctor and receive a specific MMJ certificate that allows you to act on behalf of another patient. Since both the patient and the caregiver must be certified, we make the process easy by scheduling an extended doctor visit during which both the patient and caregiver meet with the doctor online. The card will allow you to purchase medical marijuana products from dispensaries on behalf of your patient.