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What is a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

A Virginia medical marijuana card is a card that is issued to patients who are registered with the Virginia Medical Marijuana Program. The card allows patients to purchase medical cannabis from dispensaries in the state. To be eligible for a medical cannabis card, patients must have one of the state’s qualifying conditions.

What is a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card
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Who Can Get a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

In order to be eligible for a Virginia medical marijuana card, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. You must have a medical condition that may benefit from cannabis therapy.
  3. You must have a current Virginia address.
  4. You must have a valid government-issued photo identification card/driver’s license.
  5. You must have a written recommendation for medical marijuana treatment from a licensed physician. (We will provide that to you).

If you meet all of the above requirements, then you may be eligible for a Virginia medical marijuana card.

Virginia Medical Marijuanas Card Price

The cost of a Virginia medical marijuana card from ReThink-Rx is just $99. We are the lowest priced cannabis physicians in Virginia!  CLICK HERE to see what our competition charges.

How to Apply for a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

The process to get a Virginia medical marijuana certificate from ReThink-Rx is simple. Just 1) REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT2) Complete a few simple forms right on your phone or computer, 3) Talk to one of our doctors on our secure telehealth platform (No download needed), and 4) Get your MMJ certificate immediately by secure email!

The Medical Cannabis Certificate we issue is good immediately at all State-authorized dispensaries. We will provide details and contact information.

Benefits of a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

The benefits of having a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card include being able to purchase up to a 90-day-supply of medical marijuana for personal medical use and being able to grow up to four plants in your private residence. With a Virginia medical marijuana card, you will not be subject to the same criminal penalties as those who do not have a card.

How to Use Your Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

To use your Virginia medical marijuana card, you will need to have it with you whenever you are buying medical marijuana from a dispensary. You will also need to show your card to the dispensary staff each time you purchase medical marijuana.

In addition to carrying your card with you, there are a few other things to keep in mind when using your Virginia medical marijuana card:

  • Only buy products from licensed dispensaries.
  • Make sure the dispensaries you visit are registered with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.
  • Be prepared to show ID each time you visit a dispensary.
  • Keep your products in their original packaging until you use them.

Following these simple tips will help ensure that you have a positive experience using your Virginia medical marijuana card.

Virginia Medical Marijuana FAQs

A regular Virginia medical marijuana card costs $50, and there is an additional $25 fee for each designated caregiver.

To get a medical marijuana card in Virginia, you must first obtain a written certification from a licensed physician. The physician must certify that you have a qualifying condition and that the use of medical marijuana would likely alleviate your symptoms.

Once you have the physician’s certification, you must register with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. The registration process and payment of the registration fee are both completed online. Once your registration is complete, you will be issued a medical marijuana card.

The use of cannabis is restricted to the treatment of qualifying medical conditions. It is illegal to use medical marijuana for any other purpose. Additionally, medical marijuana must be used in private residences and may not be used in public places.

Patients and caregivers are allowed to purchase up to 90 days’ worth of medical marijuana products at licensed cannabis dispensaries. In addition to cannabis products, that can include CBD oils, tinctures, gels, lozenges, and creams, THC products, and edibles. Additionally, patients and caregivers are allowed to cultivate up to four marijuana plants.

According to Virginia marijuana laws, Virginians are allowed to cultivate their own medical marijuana, buy it from a Virginia dispensary, or obtain it from a designated caregiver.

No–the state of Virginia does not practice reciprocity, or recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards. Patients and caregivers must obtain a Virginia medical marijuana card to lawfully possess and use medical marijuana in the state.