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Simple Rules for Smoking Etiquette

Smoking Etiquette: Follow these 7 Simple Rules

Let’s clear the air on a subject near and dear to many patients: secondhand smoke and what to do about it. We are all familiar with the risks of secondhand tobacco smoke exposure. While this is still being studied in cannabis, it’s fairly easy to assume that it involves similar risks. After all, when burnt, cannabis contains many similar products of combustion. Secondhand smoke poses potential health risks, though the long term-effects are still under study.

More than that, secondhand smoke isn’t always pleasant for those on the receiving end. There’s no better way to go from hero to zero than lighting up in the wrong place or near the wrong people. Think about where you are and who’s around. Are there children or vulnerable adults around? Does your smoking impact or upset others? If you use a little consideration before lighting up, you will be doing everyone, including yourself, a huge favor. This is simple smoking etiquette, and we’ll show you how to do it.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of keeping things chill and minimizing unwanted exposure. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of the smoke signals, these tips for smoking etiquette can help strike that balance between enjoying the benefits of medical cannabis and respecting the space and health of those around you.

Introducing Our 7 Rules of Smoking Etiquette


1. Opt for Smokeless Methods:

One of the easiest ways to sidestep secondhand smoke concerns is by exploring smokeless options in the first place. Edibles, tinctures, or vaporization provide a laid-back alternative that doesn’t involve combustion. It’s like enjoying the flavor without bringing the whole smoky crew to the party. No smoke means no unpleasant odor or exposure risks. Nice.

2. Create Ventilation Vibes:

If you find yourself in an indoor setting where smoking is on the agenda, be mindful of ventilation. Crack open a window, turn on a fan – create an airflow that ensures the secondhand smoke doesn’t linger like an unwelcome guest. Think of it as giving the smoke an exit strategy.

3. Establish Designated Chill Spots:

Whether you’re at home or in a shared space, consider designating specific areas for cannabis consumption. This way, those who want to partake can do so without unwittingly subjecting others to secondhand smoke. It’s all about setting the vibe and respecting personal boundaries.

4. Mindful Outdoor Enjoyment:

If you’re taking the cannabis session outside, be mindful of your surroundings. Choose spots where your smoke won’t intrude on others – like a true outdoor enthusiast respecting nature’s boundaries. It’s all about spreading the good vibes without being a smoke nuisance. Look around and see who’s present, before lighting up.

5. Respect No-Smoke Zones:

Some places have a strict no-smoking policy, and it’s important to honor that. Whether it’s a restaurant patio or a public park, respecting these no-smoke zones ensures everyone can enjoy their space without the intrusion of secondhand smoke. It’s like the unwritten rule of the chill zone – keep it smoke-free where it’s needed. The signs were put there for a reason. Some places put people in close proximity and cannot be adequately ventilated to control exposure.

6. Communicate and Check-In:

Good vibes thrive on open communication. If you’re part of a group where some are down for the smoke and others aren’t feeling it, check in and find a compromise. Maybe establish a signal or a code – it’s like the secret language of keeping the vibes right for everyone. The burden is on you to find the right solution. It’s the right thing to do.

7. Educate and Elevate Etiquette:

Sometimes, it’s all about sharing knowledge. Educate those around you about the potential impacts of secondhand smoke, and together, elevate the etiquette of the cannabis experience. It’s like creating a collective consciousness of consideration.


In the end, using these simple rules of smoking etiquette will help mitigate secondhand smoke exposure while keeping everyone happy. It’s reasonable to assume that while unpleasant for some, it may also pose a significant health risk. Be considerate. It is about finding that sweet spot where everyone can dance to their own rhythm. By exploring smokeless options, being mindful of the environment, and communicating openly, we can navigate smoking medical cannabis with respect for everyone’s space and well-being. It’s like creating a harmony where good vibes reign, and secondhand smoke takes a backseat to the chill.