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Medical Marijuana And Insomnia
Good Sleep Health is Vitally Important


Cannabis produces more natural and rejuvenating sleep, leaving you better rested.

Chronic Insomnia is a Personal Struggle

Your ReThink-Rx™ Doctor Will Help

One of the leading reasons people turn to cannabis is for its well-known benefits as a sleep aid. Many people report that the sleep produced by cannabis is more natural and rejuvenating and leaves them better rested the following day compared to other sleep aids. Most people report little to no “hang-over”, even when compared to products like Benadryl. Benadryl is the active ingredient in most OTC sleep aids.

Good sleep health is extremely important to overall health. The direct benefits of regular restful sleep include greater daytime energy, clear-headedness, and clarity. But better sleep health is also beneficial to things like anxiety, emotional stability, and pain tolerance. It is well established that chronic sleep deprivation is associated with worse pain control, worse anxiety, and worse emotional balance. These elements are often linked. Sleep disturbance and chronic insomnia commonly occur together with heightened anxiety and poor pain relief.

Developing a successful strategy for improving sleep involves several factors, one of which is cannabis. Dosing strategies and product selection also play an important role in successfully treating sleep disruption with cannabis. If not approached correctly, some patients may sometimes experience an increase in insomnia.

So, understanding therapeutic principles of cannabis and sleep health, will help greatly. Your ReThink-Rx doctor will explain just how this works and will help you develop a strategy that works best for you.

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