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Medical marijuana and womens health
Cannabis Relieves Many Women’s Health Symptoms


Cannabis helps menstrual pain, PMS, PMDD, menopause, and more.

Women’s Health is a Personal Struggle

Your ReThink-Rx™ Doctor Will Help

Cannabis offers a natural solution to treat common medical issues facing many women. Menstrual cramping, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), fibroids, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, and menopause are uncomfortable at best, and debilitating when at their worst. Marijuana often provides symptom relief and increases the quality of life for patients suffering these challenges.

The uterus is a trophy-shaped, unique muscular organ. It has its own nervous system, a unique network of arteries, and four kinds of ligaments. It sheds its inner lining- the endometrium- about every 28 days for over 40 years. It stretches to accommodate a growing fetus, contracts in active labor to deliver a baby, and then contracts down to fist-sized form. When not pregnant, it continually cycles to provide a fertile ground for fetal growth. Every single month the uterus resets itself, expelling the endometrium, renewing the potential to create life.

For some women, even normal function of the uterus involves pain. When things become unbalanced, symptoms can be crippling. When menstrual cramping becomes erratic or extreme, pain can be severe. Miraculously, the uterus is carpeted with endocannabinoid receptors making cannabis a solid option for symptom management. Many patients experience a dramatic reduction in pain, cramping, and other menstrual symptoms, with the help of medicinal marijuana.

Monthly cycles of hormonal variation can also be debilitating. When the hormonal cycles become imbalanced, like during menopause, it can result in sleeplessness, mood disturbance, migraine headaches, temperature intolerance, fatigue, and many other symptoms. Medical Cannabis helps many patients with the discomfort of these symptoms also.

ReThink-Rx physicians believe in holistic alternatives and integrative approaches to help with women’s health issues. Developing a successful strategy for improving symptoms and elevating the quality of life involves several factors. Understanding the therapeutic principles of cannabis in women’s health will help greatly. Dosing strategies and product selection are important. Likewise, learning about the risks associated, such as during pregnancy, will keep you safer. Request an appointment today and learn how the medical benefits of cannabis may help you.

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